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About Us

McMahon Exterminating Inc. is family owned and operated in Evansville, Indiana and has been providing safe and effective pest services to families and businesses for over 50 years. Our technicians are fully trained and armed with the tools and knowledge to combat even the toughest pest problems. At McMahon Exterminating our customers are #1! Our commitment to you is to provide courteous service, flexible programs and quality solutions to solve your pest problems.

Group Photo in front of building

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! While other pest control service companies might do a decent job, we pride ourselves on helping our customers understand the importance of pest control services and the effects that they might have on the enivronment around them.

While we are a pest extermination service that doesn't mean we just kill all pests and do not think about the consequences that come from them. We offer many eco friendly options and rather than killing all of them, we would much rather just deter the pests from coming into your home or garden, because even if you might not want them near you they are still important to keeping the balance of the local ecosystem in check.


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This video of a McMahon employee was taken by a house security camera across the street while he performed his duties. We are so proud of our employees!