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Japanese Beetle

  • Scientific Name: Boisea Trivittata
  • Nicknames: Junebug, Summer Beetle
  • Length: 0.3" - 0.5"
  • Color: Metallic Green, Copper, and Black
  • Aggressive? No
  • Do They Bite? No
  • Poisonous/Venomous? No
  • Disease Carrying? No
  • Invasive Species? Yes

The Japanese Beetle

Japanese beetles are 1/2 inch long and are metallic blue-gree with coppery wing covers. The larvae are 3/4" long and are white and C-shaped. They are a serious invader pest. They do not fly at night but they can be seen flying around during the day.

Japanese beetles feed in masses and severely damage landscape, plants and turf. Adults feed on over 275 plant species including all deciduous tree fruits, many small fruits, ornamenatal shrubs, vegetables, grasses, weeds, and some row crops. Damaged leaves may be skeletonized or they may be almost entirely defoliated. They feed and hide in the center of flowers. Roses are a favorite food.

Larvae feed on roots of grass, herbaceous plants and nursery stock. The grubs can be serious pests of lawns, turf grasses and nursery stock.

Living Spaces

Lawns, turf grasses, nursery stocks

Diet Choices

Plants, plants, plants!

Fun Fact

They are very shiny insects that are deadly to gardens

How Do We Remove Them?

One of the pest management experts at McMahon Exterminating will visit your home and provide a proper assessment and ID the bugs that are infesting your home or property to better understand the type of insects or pests that they are dealing with to properly coordinate a plan that will work best for you.

We help educate the customer on things that they might be able to do to help deter the pests as well, and will try to prevent this from becoming a reocurring infestation.

The treatment will begin and we will monitor the situtaion closely to make sure that the numbers are being depleted in the area. We want to try to deter the insects from coming to your area as opposed to just chemically treating them, as that will only be a short term solution for you.