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Brown Recluse Spider Control

The Brown Recluse is one of the more feared Spiders primarily due to its bite and the potentially devastating damage that can occur to your skin. We at McMahon Exterminating have been studying Brown Recluse Spiders for many years, and have developed a management program that has produced many satisfied customers.

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Black Widow Spider Control

The Black Widow Spider is another arachnid that is widely feared because its bite can cause real problems, from severe pain and fever which can last for several days. Bites are not usually fatal however children and the elderly are particularly at risk. Black widows will construct webbing and nest sites in areas like, stacked firewood, under landscape timbers, landscape stones, between boxes and under boards lying on the ground. Spiders can be transferred from house to house through the "ballooning effect". This occurs when spiderlings have hatch and they create webs high above the nest site and wind, balloons them to new locations. Black Widows are dangerous spiders and their control is better left to trained professionals.

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