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  • Scientific Name: Rodentia
  • Length: Various Lengths
  • Color: Black, Brown, Tan
  • Aggressive? If Cornered
  • Do They Bite? Yes
  • Poisonous/Venomous? No
  • Disease Carrying? Yes
  • Invasive Species? Some

What Attracts Rodents?

Rodents are commensual meaning rats and mice have been trying to share peoples food and shelter for many years.


Living Spaces

Virtually anywhere, sewers, residential homes, commercial buildings, fields, parks, you name it and they have been known to live there.

Diet Choices

All types of food, including human food, pet food and other animals

Fun Fact

Rodents make up 43% of all mammals. A whopping total of 1329 species have been identified. Three of which were just discovered as recently as 2009.

How Do We Remove Them?

One of the pest management experts at McMahon Exterminating will visit your home and provide a proper assessment and ID the rodents that are infesting your home or property to better understand the type of insects or pests that they are dealing with to properly coordinate a plan that will work best for you.

We help educate the customer on things that they might be able to do to help deter the pests as well, and will try to prevent this from becoming a reocurring infestation.

The treatment will begin and we will monitor the situtaion closely to make sure that the numbers are being depleted in the area. We want to try to deter the insects from coming to your area as opposed to just chemically treating them, as that will only be a short term solution for you.

Home Remedy Tips For Detering and Removing These Pests

  • Seal all entry points into your home and garage.
  • Don't keep trash inside your garage. Move all trash recepticles to the exterior away from your home or garage.
  • Call an expert to put a plan together to eliminate rodents on your property