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Rodents are feared by many homeowners and are very unwelcomed guests. When conditions are favorable, rodents can reproduce quickly. As gnawing and burrowing mammals, rodents can do serious damage to our homes and businesses. They can damage equipment, drywall, utilities and furniture. Rodents generally invade homes in the fall, due to a lack of food source outdoors. They are good climbers and can gain entry into homes via holes in foundation walls, siding, soffit vents and roof turbines. Most garage doors allow enough room for rodent entry.

Removing conditions conducive to rodent activity and providing good sanitation in concert with a rodent control program is critical.

Weeds and dense vegetation around the exterior of the home are conditions conducive to rodent activity and should be removed. Keeping trash containers tightly sealed and picking up spills and debris will reduce rodent activity outside. Inside the home emptying trash regularly, reducing clutter in garages, closets and basements is very important. Sealing all entry points that allow rodent entry is critical.

McMahon Exterminating can provide you with a successful Rodent Control Program. Our program starts with an inspection outside and inside the home, noting all entry areas and possible nest sites. Second, our trained technicians will communicate the inspection findings to you, the homeowner, and provide you with a detailed plan for control.

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